Aiming for Continuous Treatment(ACT) Addressing low compliance and improving persistency

ACT Pack was developed to encourage the maintenance of visual function among patients with glaucoma. It is an effort with the aim to understand glaucoma and the importance of continuous treatment.

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What You Can Do3


See your doctor regularly


Discuss your condition and development with your doctor


Use your eye drops properly and as prescribed


Keep track of your medication


Keep your eyes clean


Maintain a healthy lifestyle


Read and find out more about glaucoma and how to live with it

Eye Drop

Be consistent with your medication


What The Future Holds7


You may need medication for the rest of your life but the future looks promising for the treatment of glaucoma. New medicines and treatments are being developed to treat glaucoma successfully.

For now, just remember that by taking care of yourself and your eyes together with understanding and managing your glaucoma effectively, you will be able to continue enjoying a happy and active life.


Tips On Using Medication3

Follow your doctor's instructions 

Schedule medications around daily routines such as meal times 

Keep medications visible and accessible at all times 

Store your medications as directed and keep them away from children

Inform your doctor of any reactions you are experiencing from your medications


How to Use Eye Drops9


Wash your hands, tilt your head back or lie down and look at the ceiling


Make a pocket in your lower eyelid by pulling it down


Look up and squeeze one drop into the pocket


Do not blink, wipe your eye or
touch your eye or face


Close your eyes for 2-3 minutes
without blinking


Work with Your Doctor3


Take notes and write down questions for your next doctor's appointment


Explain any effects your medications are having on you


Tell your doctor of all eye medicines and other drugs you are taking


Tell your doctor of any side effects and/or changes in your physical condition


Inform your doctor of any difficulties you are having from your medications